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Portal to Animals

Welcome! This is the Portal to Animals!
Here you will find articles about mammals, birds, fish, and more!
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Honey bee landing on a thistle

A bee is an insect. Bees live in a hive in large groups called a swarm. In the swarm, every bee as a distinct role. The queen bee is the only bee that lays eggs. All of the bees in the swarm are her daughters, and are sisters to one another. Despite her name, the queen doesn't rule the swarm. The swarm has no true leader. Every bee in the hive knows what job it has to do.


The killer whale is also known as the orca whale

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Kangaroo and her joey

Did You Know?

Japanese macaque
  • ... that the bee hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world?
  • ... that the Japanese macaque (pictured) is the northernmost-dwelling primate in the world?
  • ... that the mosquito bites because it needs blood to fertilize its eggs?

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Polar bear mother and cubs resting in the Arctic snow

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