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The fox is a mammal, carnivorous it can be: red orange, light grey

The fox is long 60-80 cm and weighs 6/7kg Alaska Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Scientific denomination and classification[edit | edit source]

The scientific denomination is Vulpes and classification is mammal and carnivores

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

The desert fox eats: meat, worms.

Habitat[edit | edit source]

The habitat are: wood and in countries

Evolution[edit | edit source]

Its presence in the fables and stories[edit | edit source]

The title of one book with presence of desert fox is: Gon, the little fox

Its presence in art[edit | edit source]

Keulemans Bengal fox Keulemans Chama fox Keulemans common fox

Other details[edit | edit source]

Is present in the film: The fox and the girl

External links[edit | edit source]

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