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The Deer is a mammal. Cervus Noble or Cervus Red is a animal brown and light brown and it is a big animal whose size is 2.1m adult, the female doesn't have stages, but male has stages. Males weigh over 200 kg and adult females weigh 100 kg. This is the family of Cervidi. Historically, it populated almost all of Europe. The Cervus live in North America and extreme East AustraliaNew Zealand, USACanada, PeruUruguay, Chile and Argentina.

Swamp deer (Cervus duvaucelii branderi) male.jpg
Swamp Deer - Barasingha.jpg

Scientific denomination and classification[edit | edit source]

The deer's scientific name is Cervus elaphus.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Deer are beautiful animals, they are mammals. They eat grass and vegetables. Deer live in the mountains.The male must fight for conquer the female.

Habitat[edit | edit source]

Deer live in the mountains of USA, Europe and Asia.

Evolution[edit | edit source]

The only ancestor is the giant deer.

Its presence in the fables and stories[edit | edit source]

The deer at the source and the lion

Images of deer[edit | edit source]

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