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Sphinx Moth

Moths, (scientific name: Heterocera) are one of two large groups of butterflies.

There are a number of differences between moths and butterflies. Scientists have shown that most moths are not close relatives in evolution.

Most moths live at night, but some live during the day.

Characteristics of moths[edit | edit source]

Butterflies usually have more vivid colors. Their wings take the form of a trapezoid. Their antennas are shaped like clubs.

In moths, the wings take the shape of a triangle, and their antennas (especially those of males) are shaped like feathers.

  • Moths are usually duller than butterflies: gray, white, or brown, sometimes with red
  • Moths have the first larger pair of wings, and the second pair of wings are shorter, which gives the butterfly a triangular shape as it spreads its wings.
  • Males of moths (and sometimes also females) have branched, feathered antennas. Antennae are the organs of smell: with large branched antennas.
  • Moths have a particularly good sense of smell, which is useful for living at night, because they do not see very well in the dark.
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