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From Vikidia, the encyclopedia for 8 to 13-year-old children that everybody can make better
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Vikidia is an English encyclopedic project, based on wiki technology, for 8-13 year-old readers and contributors, but not only.

The website is independent from Wikimedia Foundation which owns Wikipedia. It was launched in November 2006 in French and in 2013 in English. Vikidia is handled by the Association Vikidia, a non-profit-organization located in France. It is hosted by OVH.

Vikidia is an on-line encyclopedia in English, free and participative, whose content is written with 8-13 year-old children in mind. Anyone, young or not, can improve both its encyclopedic articles and its layout and organization. See: Vikidia:For children or by children?.

Vikidia also exists in French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Catalan, Basque, and Sicilian. A German version is currently being made here.

Vikidia is not completed, as there are a lot of stub articles! It is still possible for everyone to fix, improve or add information. That's how the website gets better.

One can use Vikidia to prepare a presentation, but also to find information on euros or to know the weight of gas. When someone adds informations, he can understand them better and he improves his English.

You can, together with children of your class, another school, or from their home in any country, add information to Vikidia. During the work you can talk with each other through the website.

Vikidia is mostly meant for and by you. Of course, the teachers may help us! What is written can be read by anybody in the world! The more children will help, the faster Vikidia will be a super website with a lot of information.

Who is it aimed at?[edit | edit source]

Vikidia is written for children who are between 8 and 13 years old. Nevertheless, it can be used by other groups such as Simple English Wikipedia. Adults with learning difficulties, people who are learning French, or simply seeking a simple presentation of an issue they do not know. Everyone can find something to learn here because the articles are supposed to be easy to read but also comprehensive and informative. An article of Vikidia could even serve as a simple and synthetic version of a Wikipedia article if this one is too long or too difficult!

Anyway, these functions should not come first if they come to compete with the kind of content convenient to the first reader target. Articles should first fit to 8-to-13 years old children.

Who are the participants?[edit | edit source]

See also: Vikidia:For children or by children?

Everybody can participate (you just need to register). There is no limitation related to the age of participants. Editors can be children of the reader target age, teenagers, adults or even etudiants learning French as a foreign language. One important objective is nevertheless to encourage children to get involve in its writing, as it could both be more attractive to them to be active, and have a strong educational interest in a writing to learn approach.

It is uneasy to check a user know real age. Therefore, we choosed not to give special right nor role on the wiki depending on the age they declare. That makes the first editing easy (no need to justify one's age and for sysop to check it). If the chance is for article to grow too fast, we want to take it. We bet that collective writing so as wiki managing (technical issues, spelling and content checking) by diverse people should be interesting for everyone.

Vikidia still has the aim to be a real encyclopedia : it is not only a place for writing exercices. We bet that these two goals can be covered in the same time. It could motivate kids to know that their work will stay, be read and improved. Besides, the rules needed to achieve the first goal can be used to reach the other one. Teens can still edit it and learn by this writing work.

When this wiki was being launched, participants were mainly users of Wikipedia who had previously been involved, or just watching the Wikipedia junior project. New users come quite regularly since then.

More[edit | edit source]

Source : this page has been adapted from the page « Vikidia:About » on Vikidia in French. (Authors list)