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Atlantic sturgeon

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Atlantic sturgeon

The Atlantic sturgeon (scientific name : Acipenser oxyrinchus) is a large fish. It dates to the Late Cretaceous period, making it about 85 million years old. It is one of the oldest fish on Earth.

The fish has five bony plates called scutes along its body; a tail resembling a shark's tail; a long, sensitive snout; and four barbels covered with taste buds. Its colors range from bluish-black and olive green on its back to white on its underside.

Atlantic sturgeon may live 30-60 years. The largest known specimen was a female which measured 4.27 meters (14 feet) in length. The fish can weigh over 360 kg (800 lbs).

Its range extends from New Brunswick, Canada to the eastern coast of Florida, United States. The Atlantic sturgeon was once plentiful. Its numbers have declined, due perhaps to overfishing and water pollution.

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