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The alpaca is a mammal, This species has got twenty-two different types of hair colors, its fur is thick and soft. it has got a short tail and a long neck. It has got hairy legs and dark hooves. It has got teeth and regular ears. Weighs forty-eight – eighty-four kg

Scientific classification and classification[edit | edit source]

is a Camelidae, It's name in latin is Vicugna pacos

Habitat[edit | edit source]

The alpaca live in Perù, more precisely in Bolivia

Evolution[edit | edit source]

alpacas, llamas, vicuna and guanaco are four camelids present in South America; the first two were tamed. Until some time ago it was thought that both the blade and the alpaca derived from the guanaco. The genetic material has been examined, if they confirm that the vigognia is the descendant of the alpaca, the discovery will lead to the reclassification of the alpaca.

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