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User rights
IP user Registered user Autoconfirmed user Autopatrol
Patroller Importer Administrator Nukers Bot
Abusefilter Bureaucrat Oversight CheckUser Developer

Administrators, or simply admins (also called sysops for system operators) are users who can use some additional tools to maintain Vikidia. They can use these tools because they are trusted by the community but that does not imply that administrators are more "important" than any other user on other levels. For example, during a vote, the opinion of an admin doesn't count more than that of another user.

Administrator's tools[edit | edit source]

All these actions can also be undone by an administrator (delete → undelete, protect → unprotect, etc.)

Delete[edit | edit source]

They can delete pages which are copyrighted, are vandalism, or because of a Request for deletion.

Revision deletion[edit | edit source]

Admins can also hide some entries from a page's history, for example if there is copyright infringement, or some other illegal content.

Protecting pages[edit | edit source]

If a page is "sensitive" (a widely used template, for example) or currently vandalised, a sysop can protect the page, to prevent users editing it. There are two levels of protection: The full protection, which prevents all users (except admins) from editing the page, and the semi-protection which prevents only new users (and anonymous users) from editing.

Blocking users/IPs[edit | edit source]

Administrators can block users who are causing trouble on Vikidia. Usually, an administrator shouldn't block himself and users with whom he is in conflict.

List of administrators[edit | edit source]

Also, an automatically generated list can be found here.

Edit table →

Username Talk Changes Languages spoken Other rights Status
Ajeje Brazorf talk changes it-N, en-5, ja-3, ru-2, fr-2 abusefilter, nuker active
Astirmays talk changes fr-N, en-3, de-1 bureaucrat, oversighter active
CaesarAugustus talk changes active
Comedia talk changes es-N, en-3 inactive
CRH talk changes fr-N, en-1 nuker inactive
DaneGeld talk changes da-N, en-4, de-2, nl-2, fr-1 nuker active
Fraf talk changes fr-N, en-3, es-2, it-1 inactive
Linedwell talk changes fr-N, en-2, it-2 abusefilter, system administrator active
Magasin3 talk changes fr-N, en-1 active
Plyd talk changes fr-N, en-3, es-1 bureaucrat, system administrator, oversighter inactive
Rome2 talk changes fr-N, en-2, es-2, it-1, de-2 nuker active