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Patrollers are users who can mark edits and new articles on Vikidia as patrolled, so that other users do not have to check it on the page Special:RecentChanges. Patrollers also have the ability to rollback (undo multiple edits at the same time). Administrators are automatically patrollers.

All patrollers are listed here.

How to gain access?[edit | edit source]

Registered contributors and with some experience can apply for patroller when they think the tool will be useful. Users can ask for the patroller permission on Vikidia:Request for permissions.

What does a patroller do?[edit | edit source]

A patroller browses recent changes and reacts on...

Vandalism, spam and copyright violations
Undo one or more changes; tag a page for speedy deletion, etc.
Newcomers' first steps
Welcome a new user who just made his first contributions (see {{Welcome}}); gently warn him (see {{Warn test}})...
Major syntax errors
For example, errors in calls to templates that may induce hiding part of the page content...
Absence of any categories, links, formatting
Update the page accordingly or identify the page as to be improved (see {{Improve}})...

A patroller may request adminstators' attention here, e.g. to ask about blocking a user (only in cases where it's a very active vandal, otherwise just undoing the changes is more efficient), protecting a page, deleting some revisions... NB: some actions may only be done by users with the Oversight permission.

Tools[edit | edit source]

The Patroller only has got two tools to make this job easier:

mark as patrolled
Modifications already revised can be marked as patrolled: other patrollers won't see them as to be revised anymore. NB: in case of doubt about a modification, it should not be marked as patrolled: another patroller will have a look at it later on.
revoke = rollback
This means undoing more than one change from the same user on the same page (and marking the undone changes as patrolled) at once.

Note that all the patroller's tasks can be done by any user. Before getting the Patroller role and tools, a user should have demonstrated his ability to perform these tasks with a high level of accuracy because using those two specific tools means that other patroller's won't look at those patrolled changes.