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User rights
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Oversight on Vikidia (also called suppression) is a feature that can be used to hide revisions, usernames, edit summaries or logs, if the content that has to be hidden may not be visible for normal users and sysops. It may only be used if it meet at least one of the requirements listed below.

Due to the access to private information and/or information hidden due to legal issues, Oversight access is only available to a small number of users, users who are members of the Vikidia Association.

Use of Oversight on Vikidia[edit | edit source]

Feel free to make a policy here and discuss it!

Attached rights to the Oversight usergroup[edit | edit source]

  • Hide and block accounts.
  • Mass delete pages with Nuke.
  • Hide a revision, username or edit summary of a page. (Oversighters can suppress on two levels, they can also hide things while leave it available to sysops.)
  • Hide usernames, reasons (like while deleting a page) and affected pages/users in logs
  • View the Oversight logs.