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User rights
IP user Registered user Autoconfirmed user Autopatrol
Patroller Importer Administrator Nukers Bot
Abusefilter Bureaucrat Oversight CheckUser Developer

A bureaucrat is an administrator of Vikidia who has the ability to change the user rights of other Vikidians.

At this moment, bureaucrats are also CheckUser, to query the IP-adresses and UserAgents from users, and UserAgents of IP-adresses.

Change of status[edit | edit source]

Administrator and bureaucrat[edit | edit source]

A bureaucrat can give administrator status to a registered user if successful elected by the community. It can also give the bureaucrat rights to an administrator, but such users aren't elected as a bureaucrat by the community.

Bot[edit | edit source]

Some scripts can do repeated tasks with a high amount of edits in a minute. Bot status is given to them to avoid flooding the recent changes.

Rename account[edit | edit source]

A bureaucrat may rename an account after request of the owner. After renaming all user pages associated with the old account the new account can be used.

List of bureaucrats[edit | edit source]

This list is generated automatically and can also be found here.