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An announcement

Fellow administrators, friends, and users of this wiki;

I wanted to let you all know that with immediate effect, I will be cutting down my work as an administrator here, and across Vikidia as a whole. This is because I have taken on the management of a Fandom wiki with some serious vandalism problems, and as such, will be devoting a significant proportion of my time to working there, towards helping to fix things up and make it sparkle again.

My time with Vikidia won't be coming to an end though, as I'll edit here and help out when I can, and I'll still be around to help you with your questions and issues when you have them.

To use the English term, "I have a finger in a lot of pies"; it means I'm doing a lot of different things, and unfortunately I can't give 100% to everything, or there'll be no time left for me.

I hope you understand. Simply put, I'll still be here, just not as much.

There's still Notification Ajeje Brazorf: and Notification CaesarAugustus: to help you out if I'm not about, so you won't be alone! They're both very good at what they do.

Take care, and thanks for reading this!

DaneGeld (Talk to me!) Dove peace.svg 17:21, 12 September 2022 (UTC)




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