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User talk:DaneGeld

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Dear users, please read this...

Today, 3rd December 2019, I have made contact with the French Vikidia, informing them of a situation which I am involved in. Because of what has happened, I have asked the staff there to remove my administrator rights here temporarily, until I am better informed of what is going to happen.

On Sunday night, 1st December, I was attacked in the town near my home. I am not injured, bar a bruised eye; but while defending myself against the person hurting me, I accidentally hurt someone else who was not involved in our fight. I bruised their face and made their lip swell. I didn't mean to hit the person, I just directed what I was trying to do (push the other person off me) in the wrong way, and pushed the flat of my hand into the wrong person's face.

I am not excusing what I did. I know it was wrong, and I am sorry for it. However, the British police are looking at taking action against me for assault, because the person I hurt wasn't involved in what happened.

Because of this, I feel that I do not want what happened to reflect on my work here, or on the Vikidia organisation. So until I know whether I am to be charged or not, I have stopped working as an administrator. It's not good for me to be in charge of something with this over my head.

Please accept my apologies. I accept that I should have been more careful and that what I did was absolutely wrong. Fighting solves nothing, and I should not have done this.

I will be in touch soon, but please do not ask questions about this as I will not be saying more. For now, I'm an editor like you :)

Thank you

DaneGeld (talk) 18:56, 3 December 2019 (UTC)