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World War II

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The beginning of the Second World War

The Second World War or World War II began on 1 September 1939 by the German attack of Poland. In Europe, the war ended on 8 May 1945 with the surrender of the German army; in Asia, the war ended on 2 September 1945 with the Japanese army's surrender. It was almost exactly six years long.

Over 60 million people died as a result, making it the worst fight in human history. Many countries fought in this war. Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries were known as the "Axis". The United Kingdom, France, the Soviet Union, Republic of China, and the United States were known as the "Allies". Italy (and some other countries) switched sides part way through the war.

German invasion of poland[edit | edit source]

On the 1 of September 1939 the German army invaded the polish republic for control of the Danzig region because prior to the end of World War 1 the German empire controlled this area. In the agreement between the Soviet union and the German Reich they agreed to split Poland between the two nations. This moment started WW2 as on September 3 the UK and France declared war on Germany

Spanish civil war[edit | edit source]

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