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Location of Europe in the World

Europe is a continent. It's the second smallest continent. All the countries of Europe are not members of the European Union.

Ancient Europe[edit | edit source]

The Minoans and Mycenae era (Extract from Minoan civilization)[edit | edit source]

The first well-known civilization of Europe were the Minoans (2000-1100 BC). The Minoan civilisation was a civilization on Crete, an island near Greece. It began in the Bronze Age between 3000 and 2700 BC, and lasted to about 1450 BC. The Minoan civilisation is famous for its sea trading and well planned cities. The Minoans had an agricultural system which relied mainly on olives and grapes. Their religion worshiped mostly goddesses. The Minoan civilisation was later replaced by the Mycenaean culture.

The Minoans also had control over Thera and Rhodes, two Greek islands, along with having had some control over the coast of Turkey.

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