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Social democracy

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A Social Democracy is a form of government, in which the state promotes and protects the economic and social well-being of their citizens. This includes equal opportunities and equal distribution of wealth. A social democracy is generally a democracy with regulated capitalism and some form of a market economy. States with a planned economy, like the USSR, are or were socialist states.

Most social democracies were created during or after World War II and most social democracies are located in Europe. Countries like France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden and also Canada and Australia are social democracies. The United States made some limited social democratic reforms during the Great Depression, and China has some social democratic elements, though they intend to build China up into a full socialist state. After the war, Europe was very damaged and poor. After the help of the Americans in West Europe, the countries could rebuild their countries. They made a few social changes as well. Most countries agreed that nobody should have to live in poverty, because they are old, disabled or unemployed. During the 50s and 60s most countries most policies were made into law. Social democracies mostly have free or partly free health care, education and other social services, like payments when someone is old or unemployed. Also, child support and social care are part of a social democracy.