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The Spinosaurus was an extinct Dinosaur that had lived during the Cretaceous period, about 112 million years to 97 million years ago. They are the largest carnivorous dinosaurs, even bigger than the Tyrannosaurus and lived in the swamps of North Africa. It was thought to be the largest meat-eater to have ever roamed the Earth. Its scientific name is just “Spinosaurus” and it means “Spine Lizard.” It is an theropod (carnivorous dinosaurs which sizes are large and small).

Diet[edit | edit source]

According to scientific research, the Spinosaurus possibly fed mainly on Fish, including large lungfish, sawfish and even Sharks. Since it is a carnivorous dinosaur, it probably ate plant-eating dinosaurs too. It also liked to eat eggs.

Physical Features[edit | edit source]

The Spinosaurus was incredibly huge and was about 12.6 to 18m long (40-50 ft) and it weighed about 13.2 to 23 tons. The dinosaur had a small crest above its eyes and had a long and narrow snout at the end of its skull. It also had a very powerful jaw, but none of its teeth were serrated, which makes it unlikely to tear its prey.

The Sail[edit | edit source]

The Spinosaurus’s sail made it famous and it was located along its back. It was long, rough, semi-circular and has many functions. There was a lot of debate regarding what the sail could do. It could’ve been used to ward off its enemies, which would give it an advantage in fighting. It also could have been used to regulate its body temperature by absorbing heat or storing fat. The final possibility is that the dinosaur may have used its sail to attract mates, making it have a similar function to a Peacock’s tail.

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