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Crete is the biggest Greek island, situated between the Aegean and Libyan sea.

Boat trip along Kalivon Kefalas Georgopolis - panoramio (13)

the island of Crete

Dolphin Mural Knossos

Name[edit | edit source]


Geographic position[edit | edit source]

Crete is an island of Greece. Crete is the biggest Greek island, situated between the Aegean and Libyan sea

Population = Number of the inhabitants[edit | edit source]

It counts 623.065 (2011) inhabitants and the main city is Candia.

Nationality of the inhabitants[edit | edit source]


Flag/seal[edit | edit source]

Blue and white with 9 stripes and a cross. Greek Flag on Crete

Bold text==Celebrations== The Cretans love to have parties, the most important party is Easter.

Landmarks[edit | edit source]

The Palace of Knossos is much appreciated

Nickname (for example Paris is called "the City of Light")[edit | edit source]

It has not Nickname

Places to visit (for entertainment and fun)[edit | edit source]

Places to visit (for artistical, historical and scientific interests)[edit | edit source]

Very beautiful places to visit are the Minoan palace and the Palm forest.

Gastronomy = a particular dish[edit | edit source]

Typical dishes are feta (the most famous Greek cheese), moussaka (a pie with eggplants and meat) and souvlaki (meat skewer).

Notes[edit | edit source]

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