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Cross River gorilla

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Cross River gorilla

The western gorilla (scientific name : Gorilla gorilla) and the eastern gorilla (scientific name : Gorilla beringei) are the only two species of gorilla. There are two subspecies of the western gorilla: the western lowland gorilla (scientific name : Gorilla gorilla gorilla) and the Cross River gorilla (Scientific name : Gorilla gorilla diehli). Cross River gorillas closely resemble western lowland gorillas, but differ in the dimensions of their skulls and teeth.

Female Cross River gorilla

The Cross River gorilla was thought extinct. It was rediscovered in the 1980s. In 2014, it numbered less than 300. This subspecies lives along the southern edge of the Nigeria-Cameroon border in low to middle elevation rainforests and mountain forests.

The Cross River gorilla reproduces slowly. Females give birth only once every four to five years. It depends on conservation efforts and law enforcement to survive. The Cross River gorilla is the most endangered African ape. Human developments and poaching are two of the main reasons this gorilla must fight for survival.

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