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There is no place for vandalism on Vikidia!

Blocking is a way in which Vikidia administrators can prevent editors from vandalizing using a special tool - Special:Block. Blocking is also used to prevent damage, harassment, or disruption to Vikidia. Before blocking a user or IP address, it is important to know if he/she had a bad intention. If the user really had a bad intention, they should be warned, and if he continues, do not hesitate to block him/her. (Although it's not highly recomended, admin can also block without giving a warning to the user.)

When to block?[edit | edit source]

  • Vandalism
  • Writing graffiti, nonsenses
  • Copying content from other pages
  • Multiple accounts
  • Hacked account
  • Personal attacks
  • Unacceptable username
  • Edits of bots by human labor-(edits by unmarked bot)
  • Creating offensive pages
  • Threats
  • Advertising
  • Persistent copyright infringement
  • Creating blank pages
  • Signing on the articles
  • Edit war
  • Self-promotion
  • Publishing explicit content
  • Racism-(judging user by their nationality, religion and skin color)
  • Spamming
  • Cursing
  • Humiliating another user
  • Arguing

We recommend to immediately block the user which breaks the rules which written with bolded letters!

This rule needs to be expanded. Changes can be expected anytime. Feel free to help!

When not to block?[edit | edit source]

Administrators, be careful because the user may have had good intentions!

  • When it comes to blocking, administrators need to be firmly convinced that the user had bad intentions. Administrators should not block a user if they are unsure if the user wants to help.
  • Administrators should warn and notify the user or talk to them about the situation.
  • Blocking is not a punishment or sanction, it is a warning to the user. Blocking should not be long enough to discourage users from editing after the end of the block.
  • Again, admins must be firmly convinced that the user had bad or good intentions!
  • Blocking in order to get some advantage is strictly forbidden!