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User rights
IP user Registered user Autoconfirmed user Autopatrol
Patroller Importer Administrator Nukers Bot
Abusefilter Bureaucrat Oversight CheckUser Developer

Users on Vikidia (or Vikidians) are the people who have an account. They could have different rights:

Patroller[edit | edit source]

See Vikidia:Patroller

Patrollers are users who have access to the page Special:NewPages. These users have the ability to mark edits and new articles on Vikidia as patrolled, so that other users do not have to check them. Administrators have automatic access to Special:Patrol.

Bureaucrats[edit | edit source]

See Vikidia:Bureaucrats

A bureaucrat is an administrator of Vikidia who has the ability to change the status of other Vikidians. In current usage, bureaucrats also have the right of a CheckUser, to retrieve which user belongs to a specific IP address.

Autopatrol[edit | edit source]

See Vikidia:Autopatrol

Autopatrol users edits are automatically marked as patrolled. They only patrol their own edits, but not the edits of other users.

Oversight[edit | edit source]

See Vikidia:Oversight

Oversight on Vikidia (also called suppression) is a feature that can be used to hide revisions, usernames, edit summaries or logs; if the content that has to be hidden may not be visible for normal users and sysops. It may only be used if it meets at least one of certain requirements. Because of the access to private information and/or information hidden due to legal issues, Oversight access is only available to a small number of users.

Abusefilter[edit | edit source]

The AbuseFilter extension allows privileged users to set specific controls on actions by users, such as edits, and create automated reactions for certain behaviors.

Bots[edit | edit source]

See Vikidia:Bots

Bots are automated tools that can be used to perform tedious work or certain repetitive tasks related to a wiki.

Administrators[edit | edit source]

See Vikidia:Administrators

Administrators, or simply admins (also called sysops for "system operators") are users who can use some additional tools to maintain Vikidia. They can use these tools because they are trusted by the community but it doesn't necessarily mean that administrators are more "important" than any other user. For example, during a vote, the opinion of an admin doesn't count more that an other user.

CheckUser[edit | edit source]

See Vikidia:CheckUser

CheckUser is an extension and special page that allows some users (CheckUsers) to query the IP-addresses and UserAgents from users, and UserAgents of IP-addresses.

Developer[edit | edit source]

Developers are the people who write the MediaWiki software. They are said to have "commit access" (or to be "committers"), if they have access to commit changes to the central Git repository, by pushing changes for review in Gerrit where the latest copy of the software is stored.