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Star May refer to

  • Star (Astronomy)
  • Star (Shape)
  • Power Star. A star in the Mario franchise
  • 4 Point Star. A star with 4 points.
  • 5 Point Star. A Star with 5 points.
  • 8 Point Star. A Star with 8 points.
  • 16 Point Star. A Star with 16 points.
  • 32 Point Star. A Star With 32 Points.
  • Blue Supergiant Stars. A type of space Star.
  • Red Giant. A Really Big Star that’s the 1st stage of death from a mid sized Star.
  • Sirius A. A White Star.It’s very bright.
  • Rigel. A Blue Supergiant Star.
  • The Sun. A G type star and the closest Star to earth.
  • G Star. A type of Star that can be also called a yellow dwarf.
  • A Star. A type of Star that can be called an a dwarf star. They are white.
  • M Star. A Red dwarf star that’s the most common star of all.
  • K Star.It’s a type of Star that are a bit colder than the g type stars.Arcturus is a big k type star.
  • Arcturus. A K type star that’s a supergiant.