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Proxima Centauri

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Proxima Centuri Is The Nearest Star To Our Earth! Is Only About 4.25 Light Years Away From Us.

The Star Is Discovered By Robert In 1915, The Star Can Be Seen In Naked Eye In The Sky.

In 2016 Astronauts Discovered A Planet Around Proxima Centauri That Probably Have Organic Life

Information[edit | edit source]

Proxima Centauri Is From The Centaurus List Of Stars

Its A Flare Star And Its About 3 Times The Size Of Our Sun

Its Has Between 3-8 Planets (1 with life) According To NASA Information

And Its 3.78421136 × 1013 Kilometers From Our Planet Earth

Travel To Proxima Centauri[edit | edit source]

According To Right Now Technology, We Can't Launch A Spacecraft To Our Friend Proxima Centauri, Because Its Too Far Away From Us

Is Will Take 22,000 Years To Spacecraft To Reach The Planet. With The Move Of Proxima Centauri, Is Will Be A Big Problem

Also, From Proxima Centauri To The Earth, Message Will Be Take 300,000 Years To Get. So We Can't Contact The Spacecraft :/

Planetary System[edit | edit source]

Companion = B

Mass = 1.27

Semimajor Axis (AU) = 0.0485

Orbital Period (DAY) = 11.186

Eccentricity = <0.35

Inclination = —

Radius = 1.2 Average Radius

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