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An ant is a small insect that lives in very large groups called colonies. In the colony, each insect as a role to play: some gather food, some build the lair, some take care of the young.

The queen is the only one to reproduce herself, by laying eggs. This means that all other ants in the colony are her daughters and sisters. There usually aren't any males in the colony, except occasionally.

One ant is a very small animal, but ants in the colony are so connected to each other that they react as if the colony was one super animal. An ant colony is a powerful thing, that can be a fierce predator (in case of carnivorous ants).

There are thousands of different species of ants. Scientists believe that ants might represent about 20% of the whole animal biomass. This means that if we could take all the animals in the world, all the ants on Earth would represent 1/5 of their weight.

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