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Vikidia:Image of the week

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These are the "images of the week" displayed on Vikidia:Main page during...

...last week
(= week 41 of year 2019)
A bamboo forest in France.
...this week
(= week 42 of year 2019) week
(= week 43 of year 2019)
A reconstruction of the Loch Ness Monster.

Note that the ISO week numbering system[1] is used and the reference time is UTC.

About this page

This page is meant to be used in 3 ways:

  • On the main page, it is transcluded without any parameter to display the "image of the week" for the current week.
  • Transcluded on any page with 2 parameters ("year" and "week"), it will display the "image of the week" for the specified week of the specified year.
  • Viewed directly (as it is now), it displays the "image of the week" for the previous, current and next weeks, allowing to quickly verify the upcoming image (is there one? with a decent legend? on a topic different from the current and previous weeks?) and providing hints about defining and modifying future "images of the week".


  1. ISO week date, on Wikipedia