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Vikidia:Image of the week/2017

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This page displays all the images featured as "image of the week" on Vikidia:Main page during the year 2017.

Week 1
The river Saleys and its old houses in Bearn
Old typical houses along the river Saleys in Salies-de-Béarn, the city of salted waters.
Week 2
Close-up on ice crystals
Rime is the result of liquid water under 0°C becoming ice when touching objects also under 0°C, a phenomenon producing nice crystals.
Week 3
A map depicting a wide river, streets with their names and plenty of individual lots and buildings. Above and below the map itself are 19 drawings of buildings and statues.
A map of London at the end of the 17th century. This map is part of an atlas that was composed around 1690 by a map collector in Amsterdam.
Week 4
Fifteen penguins standing on rugged ice, a large zone of calm water behind them, hills very far away, dark grey clouds
Adélie penguins on an iceberg in Antarctica.
Week 5
Zhang Heng's seismoscope, invented in 132, could detect earthquakes hundreds of kilometers away and show their originating direction.
Week 6
A red-headed woodpecker at a feeder in Ontario, Canada.
Week 7
Week 8
A snowy zone with ski lines describing large curves across coniferous evergreen trees
Lines left by skiing on snowy slopes in Macedonia.
Week 9
A round cake covered with icing sugar and marzipan carrot.
The carrot cake is very popular in Switzerland as a birthday cake.
Week 10
The raccoon is an omnivorous mammal widespread in North America, easily recognizable thanks to the mask-like coloring of its fur around the eyes.
Week 11
Piles of containers on the left, cranes behind them, trucks in the front, railroad on the right, oil tanks in the middle, fog nearly hiding hills in the backwards.
The harbour and the city of Genoa (Italy) are often foggy.
Week 12
Thumbs up!
Week 13
Week 14
File:MU 4 sleeves sweatshirt.jpg
Four thumbs up! Guess how?
Week 15
A kid gives orders to a robot with a computer, in Montpellier (France).
Week 16
Week 17
Oil painting depicting sheep shearers plying their trade in a timber shearing shed.
Shearing the Rams, 1890 painting by Australian artist Tom Roberts (National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne).
Week 18
Leaves and flowers of copper beech in spring.
Week 19
The Montmorency Fall, near Quebec City, Canada.
Week 20
The Pakistan Monument in Islamabad, Pakistan, symbolises the national unity.
Week 21
Harry Potter's dress, College Cantelande in Cestas-France.
Week 22
The fronton of Cestas.
Week 23
Pink drama
Week 24
A big sculpture attached to a flat wall surrounded by concentric gothic ogival arches
An angel on a 15th century building in Palma (on the spanish island of Majorca)
Week 25
Week 26
Achilles sacrificing to Zeus, a 5th century illustration of Homer's Iliad.
Week 27
A fisherman near one of Cestas lakes, south of Bordeaux.
Week 28
Week 29
Statue of a smuggler and his dog, Customs Museum in Bordeaux.
Week 30
yellow flowers in spring.
Week 31
White chalk cliffs on the Baltic Sea island of Rügen, in Germany).
Week 32
Week 33
New stadium in Bordeaux, the Matmut Atlantique
Week 34
A really happy dog
Week 35
Harry Potter's in our CDI, January 2017.
Week 36
How to plan an open-air concert in Fairyland, by Richard Doyle
A singing-lesson, from Princess Nobody, a tale by Andrew Lang illustrated by Richard Doyle in 1884.
Week 37
A man riding a horse talking with a woman in front of a tent. The man wears contemporary clothes while the woman seem wearing more traditional garments.
Tibetan nomads in Gansu province (China).
Week 38
A white square tower with robust walls on a deep blue sky. Half of the top quarter of the tower is rounded and mostly glass, with a balcony.
Southerness Lighthouse, today the second oldest lighthouse in Scotland.
Week 39
Italian add about champagne.
Week 40
Buster Keaton, one of the most renowned comic actors of silent films.
Week 41
Eruption of Mount Etna (a volcano on the island of Sicily, Italy) as seen from the International Space Station in October 2002.
Week 42
Italian port of Genoa.
Week 43
A strange drawing
Week 44
Picture of an olive tree
Week 45
Ship on the Mediterranean Sea
Week 46
Week 47
A poster against Facebook
Week 48
Week 49
Weird Graff
Week 50
A green lizzard in summer.
Week 51
A village near the ocean.
Week 52
A dog looking at a carnival.