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Tropical climate

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Locations of tropical climates, with subtypes.Af/Am (dark blue)= equatorial climate AW (light blue)= tropical climate

A tropical climate is a climate wich concerns countries between the tropics. In this climate all twelve months have mean temperatures of at least 18 °C/64 °F relatively constant throughout the year. The seasonal variations are dominated by the difference of precipitation : there are a wet season and a dry season.

It is possible to differentiate ;

  • Tropical dry or Tropical steppe climate . These climates generally have a pronounced dry season (seven or more dry season months) with the driest month having precipitation less than 60 mm and also less than (100 −mm [total annual precipitation ]). A short wet season (five or less wet season months) . On one extreme, the region receives just enough precipitation during the short wet season to preclude it from a semi-arid climate classification. This drier variation of the tropical climate is typically found adjacent to regions with semi-arid climates
  • Tropical wet or tropical savannah climate. These version features a lengthy wet season (five or less wet season months) and a relatively short dry season (five or less dry season months). This rainy variation of the tropical climate is typically found adjacent to regions with equatorial climate or rainy forest climate
  • Tropical monsoon climate. This type of climate, most common in India , South and Central America, results from the monsoon winds which change direction according to the seasons. This climate has a driest season (which occurs in winter) with rainfall less than 60 mm per month, and a wet season with very abundant precipitation often more than 1,000 mm per month in summer, and more than(10,000-mm(total annual precipitation in Tcherrrapoundji-India]).

Mountaintops within the tropics, e.g. Mount Kenya, can be cold and have snow. However, like lowlands in the tropics (and unlike cold winter temperate zone regions), there is little seasonal variation of temperature in alpine regions of the tropics.

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