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Santa Claus Lore

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Santa Claus lore describes many different ideas and origins about Santa Claus. Santa Claus has many homes in the world. His main family house is near the beautiful and magnificent Northern Lights region (Aurea Borealis countries) in the polar north of the world. "As time went by, more and more was added to the Santa Claus legend. Thomas Nast, a 19th century cartoonist, did a series of drawings for "Harper's Weekly". Nash's vision of Santa had him living at the North Pole."[1]

More people in many far away countries have to receive new gifts and rewards for their goodness. They get gifts for their compassionate polite manners, gentleness, and good deeds towards their family, their parents, and their brothers and sisters.

"After the Reformation, the feast and veneration of St. Nicholas were abolished in many countries, and the new figure of the Christmas Man substituted, so that soon the people in those countries forgot St. Nicholas who had once been so dear to them."[2]

"Any kid can tell you where Santa Claus is from—the North Pole. But his historical journey is even longer and more fantastic than his annual, one-night circumnavigation of the globe."[3]

Santa's new additional homes in many more countries make it easier and faster for the postal services to bring all the letters from every good person who writes to Santa Claus.

List of Santa Claus addresses in the world[edit | edit source]

  • Northern Lights countries addresses of Santa Claus home towns
  • Santa Claus' addresses in the European continent countries
  • Santa Claus' addresses in other continents of the world:
  • In Egyptland

Other Santa Claus addresses[edit | edit source]

  • Dear Santa Claus
  • Priority Santa Claus Express Service
  • Number one Santa Claus Boulevard
  • Old City of Bernice-Perenika

Origins of Santa Claus[edit | edit source]

  • "The Holly King we all know as the present day Santa Claus."[4]
  • "It's been said that Dutch settlers brought the tradition of Saint Nicholas to the North American city of New Amsterdam (which the British would later rename "New York"."[5]
  • "The first Europeans to arrive in the New World brought St. Nicholas."[6]

References[edit | edit source]

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