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Microraptor by durbed.jpg

Microraptors were some of the smallest dinosaurs. These dinosaurs were Paravian dinosaurs, which meant that they were birdlike. They were about 2 feet long and weighed 1–2 kg. It had feathers that covered it's whole body and they were also shiny. Scientists predict that they were possibly black. They could’ve been any other colors, but we can't tell by just looking at the fossils.

The Microraptor was a crow-size creature it used it sharp claws to scurry to the top of a hundred-foot-tall tree in what's northeastern china about 125 million years ago,

Habitat[edit | edit source]

The Microraptors were alive during Early Cretaceous Period. It is actually a Chinese dinosaur. It would be typically found in the woodlands of Asia. They would also inhabit trees because it would be difficult for them to walk on land as they had wings for legs.

Diet[edit | edit source]

These dinosaurs would normally eat fish. They would also eat small mammals and birds. Micoraptors were also able to find food to eat, depending on its surroundings. They had teeth on one side and all the rest of its teeth were angled forward. They would eat by stabbing their prey with their teeth and swallowing it altogether.

Discovery[edit | edit source]

Microraptors were discovered in the year 2003. A group in Liaoning, China discovered them. More than 2 dozen Microraptor fossils were found that year.

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