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Luxembourgish language

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The area where Luxembourgish is spoken

Luxembourgish of Luxembourgian (LĂ«tzebuergesch) is a West Germanic language spoken by 390,000 people. Luxembourgish is mostly spoken in Luxembourg, where it is one of the official languages. Luxembourgish is also spoken in surrounding areas in Belgium, France and Germany. In Belgium Luxembourgish is seen a minority language. Luxembourgish isn't an official language in the European Union, for nearly all Luxembourgians are able to speak another official language (mostly German and French).

Luxembourgish is closely related to German. Some scholars believe Luxembourgish is a German dialect, while the Luxembourgians themselves think it's a real language. German is an official language in Luxembourg too. Luxembourgish is also influenced by French.