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Kraków is a city in Poland. It's famous as it has an old legend about a dragon called [Smok Wawelsko(Wawelsko Dragon)].The biggest river in Poland,goes trough Kraków.

The legend[edit | edit source]

A long time ago,a dragon kept attacking Kraków,he would only stop if the habitents of Kraków would give him a lot of food. They had to give him such mush food that they didn't have enough for themselves. The king orderd that anyone who could get rid of the dragon would get the hand of his daughter. Lots of brave knights tried but they all failed. One day a young sheaperd asked to do the difficult task. The king asked him <<You are only a young sheaperd,how will you defeat a terrible dragon like this one?>>. The sheaperd did not change his mind and stared on his plan. He made a false sheep filed with very strong speices. When the dragon saw it,he imedetly ate it. Just after he had a very strong desire to drink.He ran to the river and drank until he nearly emtyed the river. But with so mush water he was becoming like a ballon. He soon exploded because of the amount of water he drank. Like promised the sheaperd got to marry the pricess and lived hapily ever after.