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Willy Wonka

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Willy Wonka is the owner of the chocolate factory in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In the book/movie it's 10 times bigger than any other chocolate factory in the whole world!

History of Willy Wonka and his business[edit | edit source]

Willy Wonka first started with a little shop on a little street. Grandpa Joe (Charlie Bucket's grandfather) worked for Willy Wonka. By that time he had very many customers; every day he got more and more. So one day he opened the biggest chocolate factory in the whole world. Some time later an Indian prince asked Willy Wonka to come all the way to India and build a entire palace out of chocolate. So Willy Wonka came to India and build him a palace out of either dark or white chocolate. When he finished The prince said wonderful compliments as the palace was spendid but Willy Wonka said to him "Yeah,but you better start eating it straight away" but the prince didn't listen to him and ignorded him. But Willy Wonka was right - a few [[day]s later came a very hot day with a boiling sun and the palace started to melt! The prince asked Willy Wonka to build another palace but Willy Wonka had other problems. All the other candy makers had grown jealous of Willy Wonka and started sending spies. Soon after a company stared to make never melting ice cream, another one made chewing gum where you could blow it into a ballon of an enormous size.

So Willy Wonka asked all his workers to leave and announced that he would close the factory...

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