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Hi !Happy[edit | edit source]

Hello everyone, I'm a new user.

I have an idea, if we set up a help system? Experienced contributors would volunteer to help new users. What do you think ? Hawkeye (Talk with an Avengers ?) 16:37, 10 April 2023 (UTC)

Notification Hawkeye 2.0: Hi, Hawkeye and welcome on en.Vikidia! I'm Adnan, one of the users here. About your idea you can ask our discord server by clicking this link. Adnan (talk) 17:14, 10 April 2023 (UTC)
Notification Adnan: Thanks to you, but I'm using a phone that, when I click on the link, tells me it's not secure and blocks my access... Sad Hawkeye (Talk with an Avengers ?) 18:26, 10 April 2023 (UTC)
Notification Hawkeye 2.0: I'm not sure what's the problem, you can also ask on the fr.vikidia and if you need any more help around here just let me know. Happy Adnan (talk) 19:50, 10 April 2023 (UTC)