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Quentin Blake

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Quentin Blake/ Date: the 23 junuary 2016/ author: Eaag14!/ Source: Own work/ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

Quentin Blake was born in 1932 the 16th December in Sideup, he is 86 years, he is an English cartoonist and writer. He created lot of work of art like: Scary Banner, Pantomime Unicorn and Stilt Walker. He studied to Sideup Grammar School, and he studied English at Dowing college.

His work[edit | edit source]

His career[edit | edit source]

He has always made his living as an ilustrator, Blake was at the head of the ilustrator departement from 1978 to 1986 ; when he was 16 his first drawing was published in Punch (an English magazine) after he drew for the spectator and other magazines, he work on a drawing for children, for lot of children's books.

He is famous for is colaboration with writers like: Joan Aiken ; John Yeoman ; Russel Hoban ; Michael Rossen, and, the most famous, Roald Dahl, after in the UK and France He drew for hospital and Healthcane

His drawing[edit | edit source]

he drew for children's books, hhis drawing was caracterized by ink line and large toutch of watercolor

His prizes[edit | edit source]

Quentin Blake won numerous prizes and awards, like: The kate, Greenaway Medal, and the International Bologna Raggazi Prizes

References[edit | edit source]