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Narsingdi District

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Narsingdi District locator map

Narsingdi District (Bengali: নরসিংদী জেলা) is a district in central Bangladesh. It is located 50 km north-east of Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka Division. The district is famous for its textile craft industry. Narsingdi is bordered by Kishoreganj in the north and north-east, Brahmanbaria in the east and south-east, Comilla in the south and south-east, Narayanganj in the south and south-west and Gazipur in the west.


There are six upazilas, or subdivisions, in the Narsingdi district.


The region was formerly ruled by a king named Narsingh. It is believed that king Narsingh established a small town called Narsinghpur on the west bank of the ancient Brahmaputra river in the early fifteenth century. Historians believe that the name Narsingdi originated from the name of King Narsingh. At one time the Narsingdi region belonged to Maheshwardi Pargana. Dewan Isha Kha was the zamindar of this pargana. Then the zamindars were Dewan Sharif Kha and Ayesha Akhter Khatun. After the abolition of zamindari system, Narsingdi was once an administrative thana thana of Narayanganj subdivision under Dhaka district. It was upgraded to a subdivision of Dhaka district in 1986. In 1984.

Population data

Population = 17,95,984 (according to the 2011 census).

Population per km2 = 1800 people

Communication system

Narsingdi district can be connected to the rest of the country by road and river.


Narsingdi has been prosperous in economy since ancient times. The main tool of the weaving industry. Narsingdi, (Madhabadi) is the main center for textile production. The first business of the people of Madhabadi area is to produce cloth. Any kind of fabric is produced here. There are plenty of textile mills in this area. And (Baburhat) is the largest wholesale cloth market in Bangladesh. People from all over Bangladesh buy wholesale clothes from here. And exports to other countries.


Narsingdi district plays an important role in the overall agricultural system of Bangladesh. Various agricultural products produced in the district are supplied all over the country to meet the local demand. The most famous agricultural product or fruit of Narsingdi district is banana. Narsingdi district is also the largest producer of Latkan in Bangladesh. About two-thirds of the people here are farmers.

Medical system

(Info need)

  • Narsingdi Sadar Hospital (02-9482008)
  • Narsingdi District Hospital (02-9483517)
  • Lions Eye Hospital
  • Diabetic Hospital (02-9483539)
  • College Homoeo Hall, Narsingdi. (01712-695156)

The well-known educational institutions

Education Notable madrasas in Narsingdi district

Attractive places


The Meghna, the Shitalakshya, the old Brahmaputra, Arial Kha, Haridhoa, and Paharea are some of the main rivers that flow through this district.


Fire Service and Civil Defense

The fire service and civil defense stations of Narsingdi district are:

  • Deputy Assistant Director - (Mobile 01730-002153)
  1. Narsingdi Fire Station - (Mobile: 01730-002156)
  2. Manohardi Fire Station - (Mobile: 01730-002175)
  3. Palash Fire Station - (Mobile: 01730-00217)
  4. Madhabadi Fire Station - (Mobile: 01726-7)
  5. Raipura Fire Station - (Mobile: 017-62699)
  6. Belab Fire Station - (Mobile: 01724 460294)
  7. Shibpur Fire Station - (Mobile: 0179-303708)

Notable personalities

  1. Lt. Colonel Abh Nazrul Islam Hiru, Bir Pratik, former Minister of State for Water Resources, Government of Bangladesh and current President of Narsingdi District Awami League.
  2. Rajiuddin Ahmed Raju, Member of Parliament Narsingdi-5, Former Minister of Posts and Telecommunications
  3. Nurul Majid Humayun Mahmud, Minister of Industries, Government of Bangladesh
  4. Bir Shrestha Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman
  5. Poet Shamsur Rahman
  6. Dr. Alauddin Al Azad - Literary
  7. Brother Girish Chandra Sen - Translator.
  8. Satish Chandra Pakrashi (December 1793-30, 1973) was a Bengali freedom fighter and armed revolutionary.
  9. Mia Md. Sundar Ali Gandhi - Social Reformer One of the Founders of Undivided Bengal Krishak-Praja Party
  10. Musleh Uddin Bhuiyan, First Member of Parliament, Narsingdi Sadar.
  11. Apple Mahmoud
  12. Former Army Chief Md. Nuruddin Khan.
  13. Prof. Dr. Rashid Uddin Ahmed - One of the neurosurgeons of the subcontinent and the first neurosurgeon of Bangladesh. [Citation needed] Belab village of Narsingdi, Amdia Union. He died on March 19, 2016.
  14. Principal Abdul Hamid M.Sc. (who was the first among the Bengali Muslims in British India to get first class from Dhaka University in 1936. And he established a school and college at Ajpara Gai.
  15. Subhas Saha - Independent Bengali football team player
  16. Shamim Kabir - the first captain of the Bangladesh national cricket team;
  17. Kabiyal Haricharan Acharya- awarded the title of Poet Gunakar;
  18. Shaheed Asad - the hero of the mass uprising of 1969.
  19. Dr. MA Hannan-College Homoeo Hall, Narsingdi.
  20. Poet Jobayer Ahmad (Alam), awarded as a pen soldier, is an international award-winning fearless man whose pen is uncompromising in revealing the truth.
  21. Samiul Hassan Samriddho.

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