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Dhaka Division

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Dhaka Division

Bangladesh is divided into eight administrative divisions, one of which is Dhaka Division. It is situated in Bangladesh's central area.

In terms of area, Tangail district is the biggest district in the Dhaka division.

Place of origin[edit | edit source]

With the exception of Rangpur Division, all other divisions in the nation share borders with Dhaka Division. The divisions of Mymensingh on the north, Barisal on the south, Chittagong on the east and southeast, Sylhet on the northeast, Rajshahi on the west, and Khulna on the southwest encircle it.

Divisions of Administration[edit | edit source]

Dhaka Division consists of 13 Districts, 4 City Corporations, 123 Upazilas, 58 Municipalities, 1,239 Union Parishads, 12,765 Mauzas, 549 Wards, 1,623 Mohallas and 25,244 Villages.

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