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Help:Create your own user page

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This help page presents some ideas to briefly present yourself on your own user page.

Write some text[edit source]

The most basic way to present yourself is to write some text. You can emphasise words in bold or italics, organise your text with lists, include links to Vikidia pages, use templates... By creating your user page, you also learn techniques that will be useful when editing article pages. For an overview of basic "wikitext", see Help:Wiki syntax.

Here are some templates that are especially useful on user pages. These should not be used on article pages:

  • "Emoticons", also known as "smilies", are used a lot in talk pages and user pages to help us express emotions. These are simple templates with no parameter. See Help:Emoticons.
  • The "Vikidia user" box focuses on you as a Vikidia user, or Vikidian. See #The "Vikidia user" box below.
  • "Userboxes" have a variety of purposes, such as helping you share your interests. See #"Userboxes" below.
  • Use the "Babel" box to precise your languages abilities. See #The "Babel" box below.
Be careful!

As a general advice (both on the Internet and in real life): disclose information about you only to those people that you trust. Anything too personal should not be written on any public web site, also not on Vikidia.

In particular, do not mention your family name nor any direct contact means such as your postal address, email address, telephone number, identifiers on social networks etc. Similarly, avoid publishing photographs from yourself, your home or school, your family and relatives, your classmates or any private person.

The "Vikidia user" box[edit source]

The "Vikidia user" box can be used to provide a quick overview of you as a Vikidian. It is similar to information boxes as can sometimes be found on articles (e.g. about countries).

For instance, insert the code below in your user page to display the "Vikidia user" box shown on the right.

{{Vikidia user
  |name= MyVikidiaUsername
  |age= I attend primary school
  |where= In [[India]]
  |strengths= I can be an angel, when needed! {{angel}}
  |languages= Hindi, English, some Dutch
  |contribs= About my country
  |status= I'm a registered user since early 2014.

You don't need to specify everything and can leave any parameter empty. You can also add an image, change the colours... See the full documentation on Template:Vikidia user.

Name MyVikidiaUsername
Age I attend primary school
Where I live In India
My strengths I can be an angel,
when needed! Angel
Languages Hindi, English,
some Dutch
Activity on Vikidia
How I contribute About my country
My statuses
and roles
I'm a registered user
since early 2014.

"Userboxes"[edit source]

Add individual thematic "userbox" templates to your user page, to let us know for instance about your main interests. Some userboxes may also serve as your bookmarks to some pages that you consult frequently. For instance, use the template {{Userbox portal}} to indicate which portal you like to visit or help maintain... and you'll have a link to that portal readily available on your user page!

Userboxes can be used individually, or can be grouped together by surrounding them with the templates {{Userboxtop}} and {{Userboxbottom}}. For instance, inserting the code below in your user page will produce the result shown on the right.

  {{Userbox portal|Music}}
  {{Userbox portal|Society|verb=like
    |endText=which makes me learn a lot.}}
  {{Userbox VikiPixie}}

For a list of available "userbox" templates, see the Category:Userboxes. Most of these templates have no parameters, some have one or two parameters: have a look at their individual documentation to find out.

I help maintain
the portal Music.
I like
the portal Society
which makes me learn a lot.
Pixie dust.png
As a VikiPixie,
I categorise articles, improve their formatting, correct spelling...

The "Babel" box[edit source]

You can specify languages with more details using a "Babel" box where you specify your level of knowledge in one or more languages.

For instance, insert the code below in your user page to display the "Babel" box shown on the right.


See documentation on Vikidia:Babel.

Babel user information
hi-N इस सदस्य को हिन्दी का मातृभाषा के समान ज्ञान है।
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
nl-1 Deze gebruiker heeft elementaire kennis van het Nederlands.
Users by language