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Fake News

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Fake News is news that isn't true(that is Fake). Fake News can have small effects but it can also have very big ones.People could use Fake News because they want a specific president...Fake News can spread quite fast if we don't know what we are reading.

Different ways of making Fake News[edit | edit source]

There is a program to make faces or change them,so someone could replace a picture with a false one. There's also a program to make the voice of someone say something that he didn't say. So someone could make a important person say something very embarrassing, that could cause a few or even a lot of problems for that important person.

How to know what is Fake News[edit | edit source]

Check the source of the article, if he did do other articles,... Look at the date of the information, someone could trick young people by putting a photo from the past and say that it is happening now. The info is bizarre, is it possible? Fake News often has titles that stand out, like the title "For the first time in 103 years it snows on the pyramids!" Also if there are a lot of exclamation marks.

Some examples[edit | edit source]

Someone once said that after 103 years it finally snowed on the pyramids.