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Bust of Alcibiades, original from the 4th century BC. The inscription translates "Alcibiades, son of Cleinias, Athenian".

Alcibiades (about 450 – 404 BC) was a famous statesman, political adviser, and general in Ancient Greece. He played an important role in the second half of the Peloponnesian War. He was a controversial figure, changing his allegiance from Athens to Sparta, and eventually being exiled to Persia. Hs was infamous for finding underhanded means to accomplish his goals.

Alcibiades' military and political talents frequently proved valuable to whichever state currently held his allegiance. His propensity for making powerful enemies ensured that he never remained in one place for long. By the end of the war he had helped rekindle in the early 410s, his days of political relevance were a bygone memory.

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