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Portal:Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece

Welcome to the Portal of Ancient Greece!
Here you will find 66 articles about Ancient Greece.
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The courtyard and a colonnade of the palaestra at Olympia

A palaestra (sometimes, palestra) was a sports building in Ancient Greece. It was the place where wrestling was taught and practiced. It consisted of a large square or rectangular courtyard. This courtyard was open to the sky. It was surrounded by colonnades. Off these colonnades were dressing rooms, lecture rooms, bath rooms, and rooms for storing equipment.

Did You Know?

Athena's owl, her olive branch, and a crescent moon on an Athenian coin, 480-420 BC
  • ... that the owl was sacred to Athena, the goddess of wisdom?
  • ... that a hoplite was a citizen-soldier?
  • ... that the Greco-Persian Wars occurred over a 50 year period?

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Parthenon from the south

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Grave stele depicting a boy and an athlete

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Achilles tends Patroclus' wounds in a scene from Iliad

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