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Al Zahrawi

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Abu Al Qassim Al Zahrawi was a famous Arab Muslim surgeon and chemist of the Islamic Golden Age. He was born in the city of Al Zahra in Andalusia, Spain. It isn't confirmed, but sure he was born after 936. He lived most of his life in Al Zahra, where he studied advanced medicine and surgery. He was one of the most successful surgeons. He was also a court physician to the Andalusian caliph Al Hakam II. He also published a book called Al Tasrif, that talk about his inventions. He invented over 200 medical tools such as scalpels, retractors, curettes, pincers, speculate, and also instruments designed for his favored techniques of cauterization and ligature, and he classified over 300 diseases. sadly, he died in 1013 when he was 76 or 77.

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