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imgs?[edit | edit source]

i looked for an img of bozo the clown on wikimedia commons but found nothing. where can i get free images? pixabay unslash pexels etc??? Thx NiceCatTree (talk) 11:34, 30 October 2019 (UTC)

btw how am i doing? NiceCatTree (talk) 14:14, 30 October 2019 (UTC)

Meeting on Discord[edit | edit source]

Good evening everyone !

A meeting on Discord will be held in the coming weeks and will bring together a maximum of Vikidians from all language versions. The meeting will be held on a channel specially designed for this and the discussions will be in English to encourage the participation of Vikidians in other languages (use an automatic translator when needed). The framadate to fix the date can be found at this address. The password is « Vikidia ». I also invite you to post here all the topics you want to discuss at the meeting; these will not concern specifically a version of Vikidia but the whole.

Thank you in advance. Galdrad (Communiquer) 00:18, 3 November 2019 (UTC)