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My name is Mike, also known as Mike1023 on WikiKids or TheDutchWriter on Vikidia. I'm a 19 years-old Dutch student, who lives in Antwerp, Belgium. I study the Spanish and German language. I speak Dutch (as native language), English, a bit of Portuguese and can understand Afrikaans, West Frisian and Luxembourgish as well.

Between 2013 and 2019 is an administrator at WikiKids, but I stopped in the summer of 2019. I wanted to do something fresh and that's how I came to Vikidia. In the past, I had an account at Vikidia, but unfortunately lost the password. For the English Vikidia, I maintain the Instagram page (@Vikidiaen). Leave your suggestions on my talk please. I love to learn about different cultures, languages and also like history, art, politics and biology. At the moment, I try to translate some large WikiKids articles from Dutch to English and to add more articles about essential subjects.