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Retired, I've realized now that it's a waste of time contributing here, only to realize some morons here hold grudges. I'm extremely disspaointed in the admins and checkusers here, especially the one's who support the wrong-doer. Take note if I became admin I would still say this if I get votes like this, because the community is in favor of Jilly and all her schemes, making her look innocent.

Now don't call me immature for stating my statement and expressing opinions, or I'll just laugh. Even if this was Wikipedia she would be blocked for obvious reasons. I do not want anyone wikistalking me in the WMF world, and if you do I'd obviously get you blocked for wikistalking. Don't follow me on WMF. Take note as well that I hope Vikidia is strong again when I come back, maybe, in a few years. But I honestly doubt it. My contributions were a waste. If any admin see this, block my account indefinite with talk page open, strip down my patroller rights as well. You know I never thought it would come to this, but sigh it had to. I thought I could do so much for this project, until trolls trotted along and made life worst here at Vikidia. I'm gone, good job. P. S. I'd have a happy discussion with anyone on my talk page, but it won't (probably) be replied to. Email me so.

Let it be know you've lost a contributor who could've done so much.