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Titanic (1997 movie)

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Titanic is an epic romantic disaster film in 1997, upon it was released in 19th of December 1997 it achieved commercial and was nominated in the Academy Awards in 2010 a 3D version of Titanic was released on 4th of April.

Rose Dewitt a 17 years old, one of the first class passenger board the titanic her her mother Ruth and her fiancé Cal Hockley. Ruth thought that Rose’s marriage with Cal Hockley will solve their financial problem. On the other side, Jack Dawson a 20 year old artist with his best friend, Fabrizio an Italian wins in the game poker and win a ticket board to the Titanic. Later that night Jack is sleeping in the bench. When Rose feel she can’t escape in her engagement she taught that jumping from the stern would solve everything. Jack Dawson convince her not to jump then he pulls her back in the deck. Rose told Cal that she was meddling in the railing and she told that Jack Dawson saved her life. Doing so, Cal invited Jack to dinner because he knows that Jack deserves a reward for saving Rose. Jack and Rose develop a tentative friendship without even knowing.

Later evening Rose go to the third class where Jack is, they dance and their relationship grow. Even she knows that Cal and Ruth censure Jack, Rose snubs Jack’s advances but then she realize that Jack is better than Cal. She found Jack in the bow at sunset and they shared their first kiss together, Rose took Jack in her room because of her request, Jack sketched Rose posing nude while wearing her engagement ring that Cal gave her. To get away from Cal’s bodyguard they hide in the boiler room because of the deep feelings they have sex in the cargo hold. In the forward deck they spectator a destruction of an iceberg and eavesdrop in the conversation of the officers and designer discussing its earnestness.

Cal found Jack’s sketch of Rose with a sarcastic note and a necklace, when they tried to tell Cal about the collision one of his butler put the necklace in Jack’s pocket to accuse him that he stole the necklace. He was arrested and brought to the master at arms office and handcuffed to a pipe.

While the ship is sinking, Rose ran away from Cal and her mother to rescue. Cal and Jack convince Rose to board in the lifeboat he told Rose that they can get off safely. After Rose followed, Cal told Jack that the agreement is for himself and Jack is not included. While her boat slowly lowers Rose realize that she can’t leave Jack to Cal and she jump back again on board. When Cal saw Rose he took one of his bodyguard’s pistol and start chasing Rose and Jack. After using all his bullets, Cal realized the he has Rose’s necklace then he boards a lifeboat with a lost child.

After they ran in the obstacles, Rose and Jack go back in the deck, they found that the lifeboats bygone and the passengers are falling to death. The ship split into two Jack and Rose ride it into.

Jack died because of hypothermia but Rose is saved. Rose is hiding from Cal so she give her another name as Rose Dawson, she found out that Cal suicide after losing everything in a Wall Street crash.

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