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Narcissism is when someone has an extreme and egotistical interest in themselves and their attributes and seek gratification for it. Narcissists typically present themselves as superior to other people and others as unworthy, often disregarding others feelings. Narcissism is often a cover for one's failures or flaws.

Narcissistic parents[edit | edit source]

A narcissistic parent is a term that generally refers to parents that view their children as nothing more than their puppets, and will do anything (including emotional abuse) in order to control them into satisfying the parents wishes and keep them on their side once they are adults.

Meaning of the term[edit | edit source]

The term "Narcissism" is derived from Narcissus (also known as Narkissos), a hunter in Greek mythology. He disdained his family members, and fell in love with a reflection of himself in water, eventually killing himself because of heartbreak.

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