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Link or URL or Web Address is Text Code For Visit To Website (Example :

Example For URL (All Browsers Have Box For URL's)

The Link Created in 1991 By Robert E. Kahn And Vint Cerf

URL Basic[edit | edit source]

The URL Building From http://www This is The Starting of URL (All URL's in The World Build From This Code in Starting)

QR Code! Virtual URL

After The Start of URL Have " " The Example Can Be Everything! (Example :

And Can be The URL's List! You Can See Here The Full List of .com .net and more..

But You Can Write Also and don't only

Also! You Can Write With Caps Lcok And Not With Caps Lock (Example : YOuTubE.cOm)

What You Can Also Write...[edit | edit source]

You Can Also Write And Don't Only With www And https

People Build This For Short The URL