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Intelligence quotient (or for short IQ) is a total score of your intelligence that you can get by a test.

This test is very criticized by many scientists and psychologists because the concept of "intelligence" is fuzzy and you can hardly measure it.

Levels[edit | edit source]

  • If you get around 0 to 85 IQ, it means your IQ is below the average and that you are less intelligent then the average;
  • If you get around 85 to 115 IQ, it means your IQ is in the average, that you are not less and not more intelligent then the average, you are on the average line;
  • If you get Around 115 to 160 IQ, It means your IQ is above the average, that you are more Intelligent then the average, you are very smart at this point.
  • If you get Around 160 to 250 IQ, It means your IQ is far above the average, that you are a genius : the world needs people like you and you are very rare.

IQ tests your thinking intelligence and the time you can understand things.

For instance, if you teach 2 kids to make the 2+2, the kid with the higher IQ will learns faster than the kid with the lower IQ to do so.

Age And IQ[edit | edit source]

Your IQ can grow up with your age: between the age 0 to 28, your IQ can only grow up. For instance, in the age of 10, you can have 120 IQ and in the age of 28 you can have over 145 IQ.

But from the age 28 to 120+ your IQ falls down: you lose 1 point each year!

IQ test is test for all the ages: all people in the all ages and IQ can do the test. That's why it is hard and exhausting.