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Links are elements allowing to link articles between them (internal link). It's possible to link articles with websites (external link). An interwiki link links to a page on another Vikidia project website, such as french version, german version, italian version, spanish version etc.

Internal link[edit source]

Internal link is of two different colors :

  • Blue: The article exists.
  • Red: The article doesn't exist.

To get an internal link you have to put a word between double hooks. Like this : [[cat]] which will give : cat. There're variations :

  • [[Cat]]s will give Cats.
  • [[Cat|Feline]] will give Feline.

External link[edit source]

External link is a link to another website. This etablishes a reference for an article :

The sites to avoid are:

  • Social networks : often aren't neutral and advertising.
  • Forums : Not encyclopedic and unreliable.
  • Fan blogs : Often aren't neutral and advertising.
  • Video sites : Watch out for the copyright of videos. Otherwise the video must have an encyclopedic interest.

In any case, number of subscribers, followers or friends on sites, don't prove the notoriety of the person.

Interwiki link[edit source]

Interwiki link allows to link two identical articles but in a another language. Several interwikis exist :

  • ca : Catalan version
  • de : German version
  • el : Armenian version
  • en : English version
  • es : Spanish version
  • eu : Basque version
  • fr : French version
  • it : Italian version
  • ru : Russian version
  • scn : Sicilian version
  • wp : Wikipedia

The form for putting an interwiki is : [[fr:Chat]] which will return to article cat of the french Vikidia.