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Where to find images suitable for Vikidia[edit source]

You can directly insert images from Wikimedia Commons into Vikidia articles. There is no need to actually copy those images on Vikidia.

How to insert images in Vikidia articles[edit source]

Basic syntax to insert a file in an article:


Images are usually inserted as thumbnails, framed and surrounded with text. You'll get it done like this:

[[File:AnImage.png|thumb|left|upright 1|alt=image description|caption text]]


  • thumb just means that the image should be shown as a thumbnail.
  • left species that the thumbnail should be displayed on the left side. Alternate values: right, center.
  • upright 1 specifies the size of the image, relative to the default size defined by each user in his own personal preferences. The value "1" is most appropriate for vertical images, while "1.3" is usually adequate for horizontal images.
  • alt=image description: instead of "image description", write there a short factual description of the image that will be read to blind people and shown instead of the image in case of technical issue. This text alternative to the image should describe how the image looks like so that people can imagine the image that they don't see.
  • caption text: this will be shown as the caption, below the image (or its description). The purpose of the caption is to explain what the image is about, possibly including links to more information.

Caption vs "alt"[edit source]

When the image is not displayed, both the "alt" text and the caption are shown (or read aloud): repeating the same information in both of them is useless.

As caption, you would for instance mention the name of a person depicted on the image, who painted the portrait and when...
"alt" text
As text alternative you would rather specify that the image is a photography or a drawing and describe the person's traits, garments, position, activity...

How to store images on Vikidia[edit source]

Note: You can directly insert images from Wikimedia Commons into Vikidia articles. Therefore, do not copy files from Common into Vikidia (unless there would be a specific reason to do so, which is very seldom).

When you want to store an image directly on Vikidia (e.g. a picture you took yourself or a drawing you made):

  1. In the Tools menu on the left, click Upload file : you end up on the page Special:Upload
  2. Select the image with 'Browse...
  3. In the Summary box, enter basic file information using the template {{File info}}. Make sure to mention at least...
    • the licence — usually with the template {{CC}})
    • the author of the image — if it's a drawing you made or a picture you took yourself then mention your Vikidia username.